Weekly Devotional: James 1

Whether in your own personal devotional time or with your small group, we encourage you to reflect on these questions throughout the week based on the sermon on James 1 this past Sunday.  If you missed Bryan’s sermon, you can listen to it here!

1. What is a trial or hardship you are facing right now that you need to name?

2. What part of Jeremiah 9: 23-24 sticks out to you? How does what God declares in Jeremiah 9 relate to what you are facing today?

3. What does it mean for the “word” to be implanted in you? What are the effects of an “implanted word” on our daily life?

4. What is a “doer of the word”? How do we balance being a “doer of the word” with not striving? 

5. What steps might the Lord be asking you to take this week to be active participants in perseverance?


New City Teaching Team